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Cracking the Prophetic Code
Day Date Time Title Bible Study Facillitator
Friday 9-Sep 6:30 PM "Our Day in Prophecy" Daniel 2 David Steward
Saturday 10-Sep 6:00 PM "The Mark of the Beast Issue--Part 1" Daniel 3 David Steward
Saturday 10-Sep 7:15 PM KINGS HERALD CONCERT   King's Heralds
Sunday 11-Sep 6:30 PM "Prophecy’s Super Powers" Daniel 7--Antichrist Part 1 David Steward
Monday 12-Sep 6:30 PM "A Bold Attack" Dan. 7-8--Antichrist Part 2 David Steward
Friday 16-Sep 6:30 PM "The Bible’s Most Important Prophecy" Daniel 9 David Steward
Saturday 17-Sep 6:00 PM "The Longest Time Prophecy" 2300 Day Prophecy David Steward
Saturday 17-Sep 7:45 PM "God’s Great Judgment" Investigative Judgment David Steward
Sunday 18-Sep 6:30 PM "Revelation’s Glorious Rapture" Second Coming - Matt. 24 David Steward
Monday 19-Sep 6:30 PM "Satan’s Secret Strategy" God’s Law David Steward
Friday 23-Sep 6:30 PM "Prophecy’s Day of Hope" The Sabbath David Steward
Saturday 24-Sep 6:00 PM "The Missing Text" Change to Sunday David Steward
Saturday 24-Sep 7:45 PM " Investing for Blessings" Stewardship David Steward
Sunday 25-Sep 6:30 PM "The Greatest Story Never Told" Death David Steward
Monday 26-Sep 6:30 PM " A Thousand Years of Peace" Millennium David Steward
Friday 30-Sep 6:30 PM "The Truth about Hell" Hell David Steward
Saturday 1-Oct 11:00 AM "The Mark of the Beast--Part 2" Mark of the Beast David Steward
Saturday 1-Oct 6:00 PM "Modern Prophets" Spirit of Prophecy David Steward
Saturday 1-Oct 7:45 PM "Door to a New Life" Baptism David Steward
Sunday 2-Oct 5:30 PM "Fit for the End Time" Healthful Living David Steward
Sunday 2-Oct 7:00 PM Movie: "Forks over Knives"   David Steward
Monday 3-Oct 6:30 PM "Revelation’s Two Women" Remnant Church David Steward
Thursday 6-Oct 6:30 PM "Cleansed from the Inside Out" Christian Standards David Steward
Friday 7-Oct 6:30 PM "America in Prophecy" Rev. 13--second beast David Steward
Saturday 8-Oct 11:00 AM "Scarlet Harlot" Come out-Babylon David Steward
Saturday 8-Oct 6:00 PM "The Blueprint-Earth’s Final Movie" Great Controversy David Steward
Saturday 8-Oct 8:00 PM "The Third Saddest Story in the Bible" Final Appeal David Steward
Saturday 15-Oct 11:00 AM "From Prosecutor to Preacher" Testimony David Steward

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