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Trapper Days
Every year on the second weekend in September (this year, the 8th through the 10th), the Fort Lupton community celebrates the fur trading history of the town.

Each year, during the parade on Saturday, the church sponsors a booth along the parade route where we give spectators bottles of water, free literature and an entry to win a Conflict of the Ages Series.

This year the King's Heralds will be performing at our booth from noon to 2 PM. Come and gain a blessing.

Originally built in 1836 by Lancaster Lupton, a graduate of West Point Military Academy, the fort (originally called Fort Lancaster) was one of four fur-trading forts once located in Weld County. Lupton left the fort in 1844, and it was closed shortly thereafter.

In 1988, the South Platte Valley Historical Society (SPVHS)was formed and talk of rebuilding the fort began. It wasn’t until 2004, however, that the project officially took off when SPVHS members began rebuilding the fort. “It was to be a living history fort, as authentic as possible and built without government funds,” the SPVHS web site  reads. “Eight years, 25,000 volunteer hours and $220,000 later, the fort was finished in mid 2012.”

Today, visitors can enjoy numerous events throughout the year at the fort including  Trappers Days, Heritage Fair, Donelson House Teas, and Independence School Classes.

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